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At Mattheu Farmer Web Development, my goal is to help your business grow by building websites that grow along with your business.

Some of My Services

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  • Website Development

    Website development is our specialty. We are right at home when we are working in the back-end code of a website and making it run smoothly. Whether it is an control panel for a content management website, data tracking and reporting, or processing use-submitted forms, we can create it, fix it, or add features to it.
  • Search Engine Optimization

    SEO is bandied about today attached to guarantees of top results on Google and other search engines. Be warned: anyone who guarantees results is scamming you. We can train you in the right way to optimize your website and help you initiate changes to your existing content and maintain progress as your website becomes more relevant to the search terms you are targeting.
  • Website Upgrades

    If you already have a website, but it just isn't everything you wanted it to be, or that one feature doesn't work, or you know you need to upgrade, but just can't do it yourself, we can help.

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